Matthew Danko

I'm a self-taught artist Having learned from my mother at a young age with a desire to capture nature's beauty often with a spiritual message to convey to my viewer.

In addition, I focus on historical events and characters telling the stories of World War II soldiers from the greatest generation.

Detroit's Junk Yard Dog

I am a welder with over 25 years of experience.  I have always found enjoyment in making metal art sculptures for my family.  Every day I look forward to being able to work on a piece of recycled steel or attend an art show.  The creation of a sculpture starts with finding material to recycle which often means my imagination has to focus on the material I have on hand.  Building metal art sculptures from recycled steel is not a job, it is stress relieving and satisfying.

Kathy Eaton

I do handbuilt and thrown midfired stoneware. Pieces are altered then impressed with textured designs, added sprigs and/or relief. Glazes are layered to enhance and give an organic feel to the piece.  I studied at OCC with Charlie Blousser. I continue to take workshops with such notables as Bill VanGilder and Michael Sherrill.


Carrie Ellison


Elly Bead

As a jewelry artist of 13 years, I create pieces that are colorful, distinctive and wearable. My work is an extension of who I am and my passion for life. I am influenced greatly by art, nature, creativity, and consciousness. Different mediums and elements allow me to express different ideas. Color, form and texture are what make my heart sing! I love to use unusual combinations of materials such as metal, glass, clay, fiber, wood, paper, and mixed-media, but I am endlessly fascinated with found and unexpected objects, and uncovering their hidden beauty. My greatest reward is when my work speaks to someone else’s soul, and makes their heart sing!

Glass Addicts Anonymous

Jeannette has been creating and teaching warm and cold glass working for more than 20 years.  She is driven by the interplay of glass and light, color and texture.

LAF Lines Photography

lidija has always been accused of seeing the world differently than  her peers. In photography, this works to her advantage.

Phillip May Art & Design

I work in watercolors & acrylics. My work is whatever calls out to me to paint. I see subjects everywhere. I love the challenge to capture these subjects. Some take a soft wash while others call  to be rough and powerful. Along with my paintings, I've worked in the art field for well over 35 yrs. creating & directing art for silk screening/embroidery/sewing operations, outdoor/indoor advertising, stationery, scrap booking & kids crafts along with many other items along the way. I must do my art,  enjoy.

Parker Projections

I create laser cut wooden shadow lamps that project wonderful motifs on room walls and ceilings.

Luther Rosebaro

57yrs. young, self-taught, originally from Michigan and I love to draw and be creative.

George Senediak

Professional artist and designer. I will also paint at the show.

Tau Uhila

My Work reflects my early life in South Pacific and my love for the Ocean.

Amber Zakala

I'm a 24 year old fine art photographer born and raised in Jackson, MI. I earned a digital photography certificate at Jackson College in 2014. I've had my work displayed all throughout Michigan, as well as at an art fair and gallery show in Los Angeles.