ARTitude is a pop-up, holiday marketplace located in Downtown Jackson.  We started hosting this show in 2014 as a way to offer artists a storefront during the holiday season.


Our location is subject to change each year as we pop-up in a vacant building in downtown Jackson.  The location won't be determined until September or October each year.


2017 show dates & hours:

November 17 through December 24

Tuesday through Saturday 11:00a.-7:00p.

and Sunday 12:00p.-4:00p.

We have our location!!!


416 Wildwood Ave.

in Downtown Jackson

Christian Science Building



"I am a artist who has lived in Jackson, Mi. my whole life. I have had a booth at ARTitude each of the past three years. I can only speak for my own personal success. I have gotten my booth fees back in the first three or 4 days each year. My sales have gone up each year as ARTitude has gotten bigger & better. I think the booth pricing is fair and the fact that each artist only has to be there for 18 hours for the full length of the show is also fair. They take care of your booth  and your sales when you are not there. ARTitude has been very good for me and yes I will be back again in 2017. I am hoping more Jackson artist sign up this year and make ARTitude even better."

                                                              - John Blank, Wildlife Artist





2016 - Held at 133 W. Michigan Ave.

35 Artists, Over $27,000 in sales, Over 2500 customers


2015 - Held at 135 W. Cortland Ave.

33 Artists, Over $22,000 in sales, Over 1900 customers


2014 - Held at 135 W. Cortland Ave.

29 Artists, Over $16,000 in sales, Over 2900 customers