All artists must complete this application and pay a $30.00 non-refundable application fee.  All applications are juried and there is no guarantee of acceptance as a vendor.


ARTitude will be open November 17th through December 24th in 2017.





1. All pieces must be original work and made by the artist that submits the application. Commercial molds, patterns, kits, copies, etc. may not be accepted. Works in ceramic, drawing, fiber, glass, jewelry, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, wood, paper, or mixed media are eligible for submission. Booths must be comprised of a majority of original work.

2. Only Vendors and Artists approved by the event coordinators and jury will be allowed to participate. Subletting, selling, or giving space to anyone else will not be permitted. One artist per booth unless otherwise approved (additional fees will apply.)

3. All applications must be accompanied by the $30 non-refundable application fee. Applications will be reviewed by a jury of artists and are not guaranteed entry into the event.

4. All booth and gallery fees must be paid by due date. If not paid in full, space will be surrendered to another Vendor.

5. A main register system will be available for sales or booth/daily vendors can facilitate their own sales.

6. Booth Vendors will receive 100% of their sales, except in the case of credit card transactions at the main register where a 5% fee will be retained from each sale.

7. Any sales through the main register will have 6% sales tax added at the time of the sale.  Event coordinators will submit this sales tax to the state of Michigan.  Booth/Daily vendors who facilitate their own sales are responsible for their sales tax reporting. (It is recommended that Vendors have their sales tax license with them at the site.) Every item must be marked with a price tag that includes item price and your assigned booth ID#. Item ID# are recommended and will be recorded at main register sales, if indicated.

8. Sales through the main register will be dispersed once per week on Tuesdays. Credit card sale disbursements may be delayed up to 10 days if delayed by the credit card servicer.

9. Vendors are responsible for maintaining proper insurance and protection of work and setup. Event coordinators are not responsible for loss or damage.

10. Booth assignments will be decided by the event coordinators. Spaces are not interchangeable or transferable.

11. The site will be open for booth setup on November 14 & 15, 2017, 2:00p.-7:00p. Check in must be complete before setting up displays. All booths must be setup by the end of this setup time, no exceptions.

12. Booth Vendors must maintain a booth for the entire show and will not tear-down the booth until the designated date/time.

13. Vendors must provide all of their own tables, chairs, display materials, and additional lighting. An approximately 100 sq.ft. space will be allotted for a each booth vendor. Due to the nature of using a vacant building, booth dimensions may vary.  All booths must fit inside the allotted space. Walls put up by vendors between booths (or not against an existing wall) may be no higher than 4 feet tall. Electricity is not guaranteed. Special requests may be subject to additional fees.

14. Each Booth Vendor must be on-site for a minimum of 18 hours over the course of the event.

15. Vendors will only have access to the site 15 minutes before through 15 minutes after the marketplace open hours.

16. Special events may be held at the discretion of the event coordinators. Vendors are encouraged to be onsite for these special events, as possible.  Vendors that wish to hold events should contact the event coordinators right away.

17. Alcoholic beverages and drugs are prohibited on the premises. Event coordinators may permit alcohol for special events, as appropriate.

18. Vendors and Artists agree to assist with marketing the event through social media, word of mouth, and any other appropriate methods. Some marketing materials may be distributed for use when available.

19. Event coordinators can utilize any images of artwork submitted for application or taken during the event for any promotional purposes in connection with this event and the Think Jackson LLC organization.

20. By submitting an application you release and agree to hold harmless the event coordinators, staff, volunteers, and property owner from any damage to your property or any personal injury which you or your helpers may sustain while participating in this event. Further you agree to abide by the rules, policies, and guidelines developed by event coordinators and understand that failure to follow these rules, policies, and guidelines can mean expulsion from the event or future events.